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Imperial Assault: Emperor Palpatine (engl.)

Imperial Assault: Emperor Palpatine (engl.)

Fantasy Flight Games

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Emperor Palpatine Villain Pack

"I'm looking forward to completing your training. In time you will call me master."
     –Emperor Palpatine

The head of the Galactic Empire and the Sith Lord who cleverly orchestrated the downfall of the Jedi and the Old Republic, Emperor Palpatine is the single most powerful individual in the galaxy. He masterfully manipulates all those around him, he commands a military with sufficient size and strength to subjugate multiple star systems, and he wields the almost limitless power of the dark side of the Force.

With the Emperor Palpatine Villain Pack, you can bring this Sith Lord's awesome powers—and evil—to your games of Imperial Assault. Although he does most of his work behind the scenes, playing admirals and generals and politicians like puppets, you'll find Palpatine more than capable of taking to the streets and acting directly to advance his interests. No matter whether you have the Emperor navigate Coruscant and its intrigues in your campaign or lead his army into quickly fought skirmishes, his impressive melee skills and inherent Pierce 3 offer only the merest hints of his full range of power.

He can throw Force lightning, tempt others down the road to ruin, and spur others toward spontaneous violence. Most frightening of all—he can do all these things in a round in which he also makes an attack. And, as befits his status as master of the dark side of the Force and supreme ruler of the galaxy, the Emperor also comes with a full suite of Force-themed Command cards and an Agenda deck that allows you to explore his many plots.

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